Label Features Updated

Label Features Updated

Our Label Generating & Printing features are a favorite among our customers, and we're excited to introduce updates that will enhance the barcodes and QR codes to better serve your business needs.

•  To make editing the barcode template easier, we've added a highlight to the edited part, so you can see its location clearly.

•  You can now integrate any product-related information with our barcode and QR code feature with ease.

Feature 1. Locating the Edited Element on a Barcode Template

When editing the barcode template, the element being edited is now clearly visible with red lines.


Feature 2. Integrate Product Information on the Labels

Initially, the auto-generated labels in our BoxHero app such as barcodes or QR codes were simply a combination of random digits.

Our latest feature upgrade now lets you integrate product information like names, properties, and pricing with your labels. This means you can easily retrieve the product details with just a single scan of the barcode or QR code.


Use Case 1. One Product, Multiple Barcodes

Selling products across multiple e-commerce platforms? You might need to print different barcodes for each platform, for example, one barcode for Shopify and another for eBay.

To make it easier to manage your inventory across different e-commerce platforms, you can create "Barcode-Shopify" and "Barcode-eBay" under Data Center > Category section of the BoxHero app.

Printing different barcodes for each e-commerce platform is a breeze with BoxHero! Just go to the Print Barcode menu and click a button to print all your barcodes on one sheet of paper. Check out the video below for a quick demo.


Want to generate a QR Code that redirects to a website? You can do so with the BoxHero app now.

Just go to the Edit Template screen and look for the highlighted red box- identifying the location of the elements being edited. That's where you can add your website link and create a customized QR Code.


Print the QR Code then, stick it onto your product. With just a scan of the QR Code, you would be redirected to the website.

You can link a product's barcode or specs to its detail page. Just set the URL and embed the product info in a QR Code. When you scan the code while managing your inventory, you'll be taken directly to the product detail page. From there, you can easily edit any information you need.

Please be advised that a lengthy URL may impede the recognition of the QR Code.

Excited to give the new feature a spin?

We would love to hear your feedback and any questions you might have while using BoxHero! Please feel free to reach out if you need any assistance.

We take pride in continuously improving BoxHero to ensure it meets all of your inventory management needs.

We appreciate your support and look forward to sharing the latest feature updates with you soon. 😀


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