Manual Inventory Vs. BoxHero

Manual Inventory Vs. BoxHero

Imports and Exports are very important for a business. For example, you may need to stock assets for a company's operations or manage inventory for public use. There may even be cases where you might have to manage places such as hospitals, nursing homes, and fitness centers.

There are many industries that require inventory management. Although there are quite a number of solutions, many people are still complaining about how difficult inventory management is.

Inventory management using pen and paper

Manual Inventory Management has been around for quite some time. The age-old method of taking notes of all products and having employees identify, count, and write down information of each piece of merchandise is still being used at businesses that do not have access to other inventory management methods. With no learning curve and simple starting cost, there is a reason this method is still around today.

Disadvantages of doing manual inventory include:

👎 Human error (i.e. miscounting or recording the wrong information)
⏱ Efficiency
🧾 Lack of consistent tracking details
📝 Too much paperwork

Inventory management using spreadsheets

Excel is the most common method for those who are just starting out with inventory management.

There are various business Excel templates available on the Internet. Among them, you can easily obtain Excel templates for inventory management. There are even services that streamline the data to Excel and help with visualization. However, these methods are limited to those already familiar with Excel to some degree.

However, inventory management with Excel also has the following disadvantages:

🚫 Error tracking
🚉 Lack of automation
💻 PC - Web - Mobile not synced
📂 Corrupted or lost files

Choose an inventory management solution that is right for you!

A simple to use inventory management is a must! So choosing a method that fits your style is paramount. Whichever solution that is right for you will depend on your goals and circumstances. In general, you should consider the items below.

1) Easy to Record.
If the recording process is cumbersome, the time and effort spent to perform this task adds to missing transactions and increased errors between the actual inventory and the inventory recorded in the system.

2) View the current status anytime, anywhere.
Even though you have worked tirelessly on updating and recording, the usefulness of all that data would only be effective when you open that file. If you cannot access information immediately or whenever you need it , the effectiveness of the system diminishes.

3)  Transparency.
If someone forges or deletes transactions, without any way to verify these edits, reliability in the system will diminish.

So, why use BoxHero?

BoxHero is a specialized solution for inventory management.

Just register your products and inventory Stock In/Out transactions and BoxHero will help you organize the rest of the work. You will be able to minimize many tedious tasks and focus on what is important.

1.  Fast and convenient Stock In/Out transactions

By utilizing BoxHero's Stock In/Out features, accurately choose a product and through detailed categories. Before use, quickly classify each product by entering a picture and other additional category information. Also, search based on this information so even if there are many products in the list, you can quickly select and process your desired product.

When there are many products to choose from, barcodes can help select products accurately and efficiently. If you are on the BoxHero mobile application, you do not need a separate scanning device because the smartphone camera can be used as a barcode scanner. If a barcode is not registered to the product, you can create a barcode directly or create it automatically through BoxHero.

2. Increased productivity by collaborating

BoxHero provides a way to share inventory statuses with colleagues in real time, helping improve productivity of your entire team. By assigning roles and features, you can divide and conquer various parts of inventory management without having to take on everything at once. Also, since the app is very simple to use, it can be used without difficulty even under unexpected situations.

3. Reliable information that minimizes errors and increases accuracy

If you accurately record Stock In/Out transactions in your inventory, BoxHero automatically collates all the available transactions. Whenever necessary, quickly verify history transactions by inquiring the details of each product and track how the stock amounts change from the current stock amount.

Also, once transacted, Stock In/Out information is recorded unless manually changed. If there is a mistake in the input, it can be easily corrected, but the original is kept as well as the revision history in case of an unexpected situation. Restoration is possible even if someone changes it arbitrarily, so feel free to use it!

4. Compatibility with Excel

BoxHero supports bulk data import or export services under Excel format files. For example, when ordering from a shopping mall, you can download the order list to Excel and complete the delivery statement at once.

5. Mobility for use anytime, anywhere

BoxHero provides both a mobile and PC web app, so you can use it in any work environment. First of all, by using the mobile app, you can easily check the inventory status on site by entering or scanning barcodes. Especially when conducting an inventory survey, you can conduct audits while finding the actual quantity in real time without having to work separately in the office because you have to do it manually.

Data entered by mobile can be shared with colleagues in the office and each data can be downloaded, so it can be used for various purposes such as report writing and sales analysis.

Take on the challenge of accurate and fast inventory management anytime, anywhere with BoxHero!

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