Managing inventory just got easier with BoxHero!

Managing inventory just got easier with BoxHero!

Here is an interview with the team leader, Sujin Oh, who is in charge of the ‎overall process from product contact to distribution at Sunlin Co., Ltd. Her company has been a loyal user of BoxHero for a long time!

Q. Please introduce yourself.

Hello, my name is Sujin Oh and I work as a distribution manager at Sunlin Co., Ltd., a retail distributor that handles both edibles and non-edibles.

Unlike other alternatives, BoxHero has a user-friendly mobile platform.

I. Before adopting BoxHero

Q. How did you manage the inventory before using BoxHero?

We were using spreadsheets and manually kept track of all the inventory-related transactions. It was an easy start in the beginning, but as the business grew and time spent on managing inventory increased, we found the method overwhelming and inefficient, not to mention inaccurate. That was when we decided to look for another inventory solution.

Q. What were your main concerns when choosing a new solution?

We shopped around for a while and found that lots of options were either too complicated to use or overpriced. For instance, ERP was an overkill for our company as it provided lots of overly complicated features we didn’t need at all. What we wanted was simplicity and usability.

My company has a team of employees working on inventory management together, so the new solution had to be easy to use at the right price point. The more complicated the features are, the longer it would take for employees to adapt to the new system. We were looking for an alternative that was easier to manage than Excel, and simpler to use than ERP.

Q. What was the selling point of BoxHero?

The Barcode Generator / Scanner feature, for sure! The company records the transactions and stock in /out using barcode IDs. Things always get cumbersome when an item doesn’t have a barcode, but BoxHero provides the easy-to-use barcode generator and scanner regardless of the platform you are using. As the company handled a range of products that could be only registered and recorded with a unique barcode system, BoxHero’s handy barcode generator/scanner feature even made the inventory audit way easier and faster.

In a nutshell, BoxHero was easy to learn and use, simplified the process of stock in/out, and provided seamless PC and mobile sync. We were totally sold!

After using BoxHero, we found that our inventory management processes got simplified in no time.

II. After adopting BoxHero

Q. What is the biggest change you notice comparing the before and after?

Most of all, now, all the team members are on the same page regarding inventory control. Before BoxHero there were only a few people working on the inventory, so others could not really check inventory status. It was almost impossible to stay up to date. Checking the inventory and stock levels required multiple phone calls, making everyone frustrated.

After using Boxhero as our solution, all the team members can check and update the inventory status using their mobile phones.

Also, we always had to take pictures of products and send them to the manager when cross-checking the items, but on BoxHero, you can simply upload the image of the products when adding new items. No delay or confusion anymore.

Q. Which functions do you find the most useful on BoxHero?

The program is very mobile-friendly. We are always on the go, so have no time to sit in front of the PC and check on the warehouse. You can see the transaction history and updated stock in/out transactions using your cell phone.

Also, BoxHero allows us to save drafts when we need to log future stock in & out. When processing orders, we use the “save drafts” function, and once the transaction is completed, we just click and finalize the transaction. Moreover, anyone who has access can see the drafts as well, so the whole process got much smoother.

Don’t overthink inventory management!

If one person is in charge of the whole inventory control process, that is the sign telling that you need a new inventory solution.

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