Manage Multiple Locations All-at-Once!

Manage Multiple Locations All-at-Once!

Do you need an Integrated method for managing inventory in multiple locations?

Use BoxHero's ‘Location Mode’ to easily manage products, quantity, and their location!

If you are a growing company that needs to manage inventory for multiple locations, you can solve those inventory management issues with BoxHero.

What is BoxHero's Location Mode?

BoxHero's Product List using Location Mode
BoxHero's Location Mode can list all of your locations and products!

Most companies do not contain all of their inventory in one place. Stock are usually split between various locations such as factories, warehouses, stores, and branches and sent to customers directly. However, separately managing inventory per location is difficult if you cannot oversee all the locations at once. Some branches may be currently out of stock, making selling the product impossible. If you do not know where and how many products are available, the work inefficiency will be too tremendous to handle. The most important part of inventory management for multiple locations is for companies to have an integrated balance.

Stock In and Out from multiple locations + move inventory between locations

Stock Move function in BoxHero
Move your inventory between locations when you need to!

For multiple locations, Stocking In and Out as well as moving inventory between locations is a must! Companies with multiple factories, warehouses, and stores can easily do all of these features when using Location Mode in BoxHero. Regardless of the location, total inventory quantity can be identified in real time and history between locations can always be verified.

Use Shelves as locations for large warehouses

Employee looking for specific items on product shelves.
Using 'Shelves' can save you time from searching for each product.

Customers who stock products in large warehouses sometimes manage them separately by ‘Shelves'. In this case, using Location Mode in BoxHero to create a shelf placement will be beneficial! By separating shelf location, when you scan the product, you will be able to see the shelf location immediately, speeding up your processes. Even new employees will be able to easily find the shelf location of the product quickly without needing much time to adjust.

Creative uses of Location Mode

There are many examples of customers who use Location Mode differently than the intended location feature!

  • For managing defective products, you can create and manage a location called “Defective”.
  • Add prototypes in a separate location called “Prototype” and move the products to another location once they begin to sell.
  • Some companies manage food with expiration dates or seasonal products that need to be sold quickly under the location titled "Sell within 3 months."

Every company can manage inventory efficiently by utilizing the location function according to their situation.

If your business is expanding, do you have a need to efficiently manage inventory in various locations?

Are there particular products that need to be managed separately, outside of general stock?

Experience BoxHero’s Location Mode for efficient multi-location management!

Start your inventory management with BoxHero All features available in a 30-day free trial!