Inventory Management App Analysis (1): Sortly vs. BoxHero

Inventory Management App Analysis (1): Sortly vs. BoxHero
Sortly vs. BoxHero

Are you looking for an efficient inventory management solution? Sortly and Boxhero are top inventory management apps sought after by companies seeking easy and convenient solutions. Effective inventory management is crucial for businesses of all sizes, including large enterprises, SMBs, retailers, and individuals. It's important to choose a reliable and efficient solution that aligns with your business needs. Compare user experience, pricing policies, integration, and other features to select the best inventory management app for your business.

1. User Experience

Sortly: Sortly offers a streamlined inventory management solution through its dashboard, products, search, tags, and reports menus. It utilizes a folder-based structure for easy organization of inventory. The emphasis is on simplicity, providing a user-friendly experience for small businesses and SMBs. It also offers a mobile-friendly UI/UX. However, it lacks purchase and sales management functions, limiting integrated order and inventory management altogether.

Sortly PC App with folder structure
Source: Sortly PC App

BoxHero: Boxhero is a team-oriented inventory management solution that includes key features like product listing, and stock management (incoming, outgoing, and adjustments), and supports purchase and sales functions for centralized order and sales management. It also offers customizable product attributes to enhance inventory visibility and user-friendly interfaces on both PC and mobile apps, ensuring easy navigation for beginners. This enables convenient inventory management at any time and from any location.

BoxHero supporting all devices including PC and mobile phone

2. Pricing

Sortly: Sortly offers a free 14-day trial of its limited version, including barcode generation and other features. To access the trial, credit card information is required, and the trial period may be considered short for comprehensive exploration. Following the trial, you can choose from the Advanced, Ultra, or Enterprise fee options. The advanced option provides additional features but comes with a slightly higher subscription cost ranging from $29 to $59 per month (based on annual billing).

Sortly pricing page
Source: Sortly Website

BoxHero: Boxhero offers a 30-day free trial with unrestricted access to all features. This provides sufficient time to thoroughly explore the various functionalities. No credit card information is needed, allowing for immediate trial initiation. Following the trial, you can opt for a cost-effective monthly subscription of $18 (based on annual billing) for continued usage.

BoxHero pricing page

3. Integration with Other Programs & Platforms

Sortly: Sortly supports Slack integration and provides an open API that anyone can use. However, compatibility with other software is not guaranteed, and there are limitations on request speed.

BoxHero: Boxhero previously supported integration with Naver Smart Store and Shopify. Currently, it does not offer integration capabilities with other apps, including open APIs. While the exact timing is uncertain, future updates are planned to support new features based on app integration development plans.

4. Miscellaneous

Sortly: Sortly offers extra features like inventory summaries, recent activity (transaction) history, recently updated products, safety stock settings, notifications, and customizable member permissions. However, it does not have a dedicated inventory data analysis function.

Sortly PC App
Source: Sortly PC App

BoxHero: Boxhero, on the other hand, provides all the additional features of Sortly, including inventory analysis capabilities. Users can add different inventory analysis formulas and generate customized reports to meet their specific business requirements.

BoxHero's screenshot of Analysis function

Sortly and Boxhero provide solutions for easy inventory management, but they differ in specific aspects. Compare their advantages and disadvantages to select the inventory management solution that best fits your needs. If you require integration with other apps, choose Sortly. However, if you prefer a beginner-friendly solution that is easy to start with and has a lower cost, Boxhero is the better option.

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