"No more guessing where things are" - Interview with RAD 🐶

"No more guessing where things are" - Interview with RAD 🐶

A well-known charity in Montreal, Canada called Rescue All Dogs (RAD), sat down with us for an interview to talk about their experience with BoxHero. RAD’s representatives Karen and Elisa, talked with us via Google Meets as we discussed all kinds of topics ranging from their inventory needs to all the efforts put into building their organization. Due to the time zone difference, we were honored they stayed late into the night to talk about our app and provided insights into their experience with the application.

What is Rescue All Dogs?

Started in 2018, Rescue All Dogs was founded as a Non-profit Organization who goes through great lengths in rescuing dogs from situations where they have been abused, neglected, abandoned, or are scheduled to be euthanized in shelters. With a global and domestic influence, the organization has conducted rescue operations all over Canada, United States, and the Middle East. In 2021, RAD became registered as a charity where they utilize a large network of followers, volunteers, foster homes, veterinarians, and trainers to treat all dogs under their care. RAD also works to provide extensive medical, rehabilitation, training and personality assessment services before they are adopted to their “furever” homes.(1)

What kind of inventory do you manage?

As a charity, RAD is required to have accurate accounts of all materials, used, sold, bought, and donated. A variety of items like masks, small to large leashes, collars, special food for specific diets, and merchandise for their fundraising store are only some of the assets that requires accurate accounting. Throughout their multiple locations, from storage units to dog training farms, RAD has a lot of inventory that needs to be managed properly. With many supplies in different locations, RAD started using BoxHero to keep track of their inventory along with descriptions on how to locate certain assets.

Multiple items in the trunk of a car

Before BoxHero, how did you manage your inventory? What kind of inconveniences did you have?

Majority of the time, Excel was the go-to program for listing inventory and keeping track of every stock-in and stock-out transaction. Although Excel has an array of functions for data management, it was hard to keep accurate through multiple locations, time frames, and collaborations. Particularly, since RAD is a charity, governmental regulations are quite strict on accurately accounting for finance and inventory management. At any certain point in time, historical data on inventory is need as proof for asset fluctuations. Many of these different issues with inventory felt overwhelming. To address these issues, Karen and Elisa sought to test different apps and software that could deliver what they needed.

Through their testing, Karen and Elisa had found other inventory management apps too complex and difficult to escape their desktop web-centric platforms, especially since many of their tasks required mobility. Many different platforms also came with a high learning curve and large cost which did not fit their needs.

How did you find out about BoxHero?

Karen was the first to find out about BoxHero from the AppStore. After testing it and seeing the capabilities of the app, she had recommended Elisa to test out the free trial and see if it was able to satisfy all her occupational functions. Within a short amount of time, Elisa also became proficient at using all the necessary functions, attesting to BoxHero’s easy-to-use functionality.

What made you choose BoxHero?

The most important reason was an easy-to-use platform. The learning curve for many of the apps trialed was too complicated and not as intuitive as BoxHero’s User Interface.

Many other functions on BoxHero also helped with the decision process. Exporting Excel sheets, inventory relocation, barcode and label generation, image upload, adding details, history, categorizing, and adding team members were all functions that they were able to explore and apply into their organization throughout the trial.

As a charity, savings matter. Transitioning to BoxHero would help RAD use the money saved from software purchases on their organization’s operations. Having seen the benefits and cost of the app, the team at Rescue All Dogs decided to go with BoxHero.

Which features do you use the most often?

Features that Karen and Elisa found most useful are the collaborative ability and the mobility between phone and desktop. Having experimented with the desktop’s functionalities for registering all items and the stock-in ability was a good first step in introducing the ease-of-use that BoxHero provided. Also, since many of their team members are in different locations, the app allows to track inventory through its collaborative Team function. Because they are on the Business Plan, the team at Rescue All Dogs has planned on adding more members to manage their inventory together.

Elisa was particularly fond of the Barcode Creation and Scanning function from the BoxHero app. Using barcodes has allowed her to add storage details to the items’ characteristics page, making finding objects in different boxes and bins easier. Through the desktop, printing in different styles and adding details using the edit function made customizing barcodes an important tool for her.

Did you have any inquiries or inconveniences while using BoxHero?

Absolutely love BoxHero! Perfect inventory management service with all the necessary functions without any inconveniences.

One recommendation (currently in development) is to have an English YouTube guide video for the international audience.

Rescue All Dogs. DO GOOD. BE RAD

If you would like to learn more, you can find their site here: https://www.rescuealldogs.org/

There are many ways to support their organization. Through Fundraising, Donating, Adopting, and Applying as a Foster Family, click the link above to find out how you can support Rescue All Dogs!

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(1) https://www.rescuealldogs.org/en/who-we-are