BoxHero Feature Improvements

BoxHero Feature Improvements

📢 Today, let’s learn about the improved BoxHero features for user convenience.

This is Hailey from BoxHero.

Currently, the BoxHero team is busy due to the official release of Purchase & Sales and preparation for Integration. However, in the meantime, we are working on improving features big and small for user convenience!

Let me share the improvements in the second quarter of this year 🙂

Duplicate Barcode

For a long time, many users have requested support for duplicate barcode registration for the following reasons.

  1. Don’t need to manage barcodes
  2. Both master barcodes and serial numbers need to be scanned
  3. Duplicate barcodes must be used (ex. Expiration date management)

We collected the opinions of many users and improved it so that duplicate barcode values and no barcode values can be included in the barcode field when registering products.

Let’s check out the details below!

Product Registration


If you enter a duplicate barcode when adding a product, a notice will say This value has already been taken.

Stock Transaction Creation via Excel


Users can choose each product for duplicated barcode products when creating Stock In & Out & Audit & Move transactions via Excel.

Search Memo Hashtag(#)

Now, if you leave a memo with a hashtag(#) when creating Stock In & Out & Audit & Move transactions, you can check the history with the hashtag.


Users can search any keyword that was previously entered with a hashtag(#) in History.


In the History menu, the product search bar has been moved to under Filter, and the newly added memo hashtag search bar has been added to the top.
When creating Purchase & Sales orders, you can also leave a memo with a hashtag(#), and you can search orders with hashtags.

Stock Availability on Sales Order Details

Many users have experienced inconvenience from having to check in-stock products before shipping.
Now you can check stock availability before shipping products on the sales order details directly.


In Stock(O) - Current inventory has enough quantity for shipping
Out of Stock (N Short) - Lack of stock for shipping

Sales Analysis by Account

Users can now view Sales Analysis by each account.


On the right side of the search bar, you can check the box View by Account.
Sales Analysis data is provided for each account and orders without accounts will show up as No account.
You can click each account to check Sales Analysis by each product for that specific account.
If there is no data to analyze during the selected time period, it will not be visible.

New Category Type: Barcode

In order to enter more than one barcode, many users have had inconvenience when registering products using additional barcode information, such as serial numbers.
Now the new ‘barcode’ category type has been added!


Now when you scan a product, you can also scan additional barcodes after registering them under the new barcode category.

The BoxHero team is working hard
on feature updates to make it more convenient 🙋‍♀️

We will have continuous feature improvements, so please look forward to our future updates! Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions while using BoxHero. Thank you 🙏

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