BoxHero Affiliate Program – Earn 50% Commission

BoxHero Affiliate Program – Earn 50% Commission

Hi, we're BoxHero, making business better with inventory management solutions. We're launching an affiliate program to share our success with you. Spread the word about BoxHero and earn 50% commission on sales!

What is BoxHero Affiliate Program?

BoxHero provides an easy and simple inventory management solution that solves the inventory problems that hinder business efficiency. If you're already using BoxHero, and you share our mission and values, it's time to become a BoxHero affiliate and spread the word!

BoxHero affiliate program guide.

After signing up as a BoxHero affiliate, you'll receive a unique affiliate link to the BoxHero homepage. When a user signs up for a paid plan through your affiliate link, BoxHero will pay you a 50% commission on the sale.

The BoxHero paid plan is available for $20 per month, or $18 per month if you pay annually. If you want to add more members, items, or locations, you'll have to pay extra per month. We'll give you half of all payments for the first year as a commission!
BoxHero pricing page.

For example, I introduced BoxHero to an acquaintance who was struggling with inventory management. He enjoyed the free trial, realized the benefits of the solution, and decided to subscribe to the Business Plan for a year. The Business Plan costs $216 per year. If he signed up for BoxHero through your affiliate link, you will receive a 50% commission of $108.

BoxHero is looking forward to bringing the benefits of convenient inventory management to more people and businesses through its affiliate program!

How to Join as an Affiliate

Interested in joining the BoxHero Affiliate Program? It's super easy: 1️⃣ apply to be an affiliate, 2️⃣ promote, 3️⃣ get paid, and that's it! Let's dig a little deeper.

Apply as an Affiliate

First, sign up to become a BoxHero Affiliate! Anyone who shares our mission and values can become a BoxHero Affiliate. Click here to go to the BoxHero Affiliate Program page, or go to Resources > Affiliate Program from the BoxHero homepage.

BoxHero affiliate program page.

Simply enter your name and email address in the application form to complete your application to become an affiliate. We'll review your application quickly and send you a unique affiliate link with an approval email as soon as we're done!

Promote Boxhero

Once you've received your affiliate approval email and unique link, it's time to start promoting BoxHero! Recommend BoxHero to colleagues and acquaintances who need an inventory management solution, or spread the word about the benefits of BoxHero through your own blog, social media (SNS) channels like Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn.

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To help you succeed as an affiliate, take advantage of BoxHero's free trial, which gives you unlimited access to all features for one month. For those who aren't familiar with BoxHero, a first-hand experience may be more effective than any explanation, and the BoxHero blog is a great way to showcase various inventory management insights and features of BoxHero.

Get Paid

Did a user who signed up for BoxHero through your affiliate link decide to take out or renew a business plan? If so, you can earn 50% of the amount they paid for the first year! However, you'll need to reach a minimum of $100 in sales to get paid. Get BoxHero to more people and earn more commissions!

Become a BoxHero affiliate and start earning money by introducing BoxHero to your network! Together with our affiliates, we will continue to develop BoxHero to help more companies practice effective inventory management. We look forward to sharing our success and growing together!

Start your inventory management with BoxHero All features available in a 30-day free trial!